Ayurveda and Yoga form a close symbiosis. Yoga exercises (yogaasanas) can be practised as a supplementary expedient to Ayurveda because many ayurvedic treatments uses yogic methods for treating disorders in the human body. The root of Ayurveda and yoga originate from the same philosophical matrix. Both are based on the ancient holy Sanskrit texts of India. Both explore the interplay of body and mind in the sense that both systems aim at maintaining good health as well as treating diseases/disorders that occur from disturbed balance.

Yoga-Positions and breathing-techniques

Both techniques or methods are known for its positive impact on health. In the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” ( yoga-handbook from the 15th Century) it is taught that one can achieve /master through the different yoga exercises and positions also known as ASANAS ” persevering energy/ virility, liberation from diseases and effortlessness”. The positions (Asanas) have a similar function as Acupuncture: both exert pressure on the acupuncture points also known as nadis or in ayurveda marma points. The seven main energy centres or Chakras are located along the spinal cord corresponding to the seven central nerveplexus in our body) The effect of this is of tremendous positive value. For example the asana or yoga-position “Gomakasana” exerts pressure on the acupuncture -point on the kidneys. This contributes to the function of keeping the kidneys in good healthy order. Each asanas has a specific function. For instance one asana activates the endocrine system, which is very important in keeping the secretion in ductless glands in proper function. This particular system is responsible for maintaining the proper function in the the vital organs in our body essential for life. It is the quest and aspiration towards a wish for the perfect body. Yoga does not only have a healing value. Yoga brings a serenity and reflectory aspect in our day to day hectic life. Yoga is also contemplation coupled with meditation. There are different kinds of yoga practises and many different techniques. Both aspects of yoga are a valuable effective instrument that is given to those who are open and willing to follow the path of yoga. For those who wish to overcome the hectic stress of modern life and the effect of this stress on the mental as well as physical level can practise yoga for a balanced living and a stress free life. Translated by Paramita Lahiri Source: Raimund Mueller

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