The Dharma Heritage

The Dharma Heritage

Dharma Ayurveda was established in the year 1965 at Ayirooppara, Trivandrum by a renowned lineage of traditional Vaidyans (physicians) practicing Ayurveda down the centuries through generations. Today, in the state of Kerala, the name Dharma Ayurveda is associated with the Ayurveda School where the practice of genuine age old traditions and treatments is being successfully implemented. The center is equipped with highly qualified reputed Vaidyans (Physicians).

Dharma Ayurvedic institutions are being headed by their founder and Chairman, Dr.M.Bahuleyan, B.A.M.S.(Retd. Specialist Senior Medical Officer). He hails from an 1800 year old lineage of Ayurvedic practitioners. The lineage specializes in one-touch healing treatment which is called Aroopika in Sanskrit. The lineage specialization has been furthered by Dr. Jayaprakash, BAMS, MD, and the able son of Dr. Bahuleyan. Dr. Jayaprakash is serving the important purpose of Ayurveda medication as the Joint Director and Managing Director of Dharma Ayurveda.

Dharma Ayurveda treatment has become accessible to people belonging to different parts of the world via the various institutions established in Kerala and Kuwait. The number of institutions is rapidly increasing to cater to the increasing interest in this science.

Source: Dr. Jayaprakash

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