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Had mixed emotions when i first registered for Ayurmana. I decided to go for Ayurvedic method given i previously opted for thai detoxes. And trust me when i say this - i ABSOLUTELY loved this placed! Starting from Dr Angeli, Dr Parvathi, Jessiri, all the masseuses and the help, every single individual were just wonderful. Rooms were extremely comfortable. The oil massage, potli massage, the quick steam were just rejuvenating and wonderful. The early morning yoga was refreshing. Breakfast lunch snd dinners were filling and tasty. The late afternoon walks were extremely relaxing and fulfilling. The place is located in the outskirts so was very calm and peaceful. I really really lived Dharma Ayurvedic and everyone should go for this. Thank you so much to the wonderful team! I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and much more at peace.
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Ahmed Atifurr