Know your Ayurvedic Skin type

Know your Ayurveda Skin Type

Skin the largest organ in the body reflects your true health status, and plays a main role in diagnosis and treatment in Ayurveda. A healthy radiant skin is often an indication of inner balance, proper nutrition and peaceful disposition. According to Ayurveda each person has a unique skin type depending on their unique mind – body constitution.

While one may have unctuous, smooth, unwrinkled skin, another may be tormented by dry, meager skin that wrinkles as it ages. Still an alternate will have sensitive skin that breaks out or turns rashy when skin care regimes are used. Then again a fourth type may have a fusion of two of these. These diverse traits structure the basis for your skin type evaluation in Ayurveda. Once you realize your skin type, its not difficult to plan the right regime to achieve a radiant healthy skin envied by all.

The three essential skin types -Vata, Pitta and Kapha- -are focused around the three doshas.

Vata Skin Type

Vata dosha is light, dry, and cool. In the event that your skin is dainty, dry, fine-pored, sensitive and cool to the touch, you likely have Vata skin. At the point when out of balance, it may get to be unnecessarily dry, unpleasant or flaky, or be liable to dry dermatitis or skin organism. Vata skin has a tendency to wrinkle all the more as it ages, because of the dryness of Vata dosha, and can assume a greyish or dull quality if your internal processes is not in balance. In the event that you have Vata skin, you are especially touchy to mental anxiety, which has a tendency to appear in a tired, stressed look.

Pitta Skin Type

Pitta skin is all the more reddish or blushing in shade, delicate, warm to the touch, and of medium thickness. These qualities, alongside fair and red-hued hair, relate to the warm, searing Pitta dosha. At the point when out of balance, Pitta skin can experience the ill effects of skin rashes, breakouts, pimple inflamation, liver spots or rosacea. Pitta skin is generally more sensitive, and can easily make you redden when humiliated or experience breakouts, ulcer or rashes when under anxiety.

Kapha Skin Type

Kapha skin is cool to the touch and is thicker, milder, oilier and smoother than the other two sorts. This is like the slick, smooth, solid characteristics of Kapha dosha. In the event that your skin is pale and your hair thick, wavy, sleek and dull, you presumably have Kapha skin. Individuals with Kapha skin don’t have a tendency to structure wrinkles until late in life. At the point when out of equalization, Kapha skin can experience the ill effects of unnecessary sleekness, extended pores, zits, pimples, soggy sorts of dermatitis and water retention.

Now see if you recognize your skin type from the descriptions above. Once you figure out your skin type, it’s easy to choose the right approach to create balance of the doshas, thereby improving your health and well-being too, as you unravel beauty from the inside to the outside.

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