The Dharma Founder

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The healer is the almighty and we (healers) are just tools. Tools are not entitled to credit.

Such was the modesty of Dr.Bahuleyan, the renowned Dharma Ayurveda Vaidyan (Practitioner) from Kerala who healed thousand of patients year round without accepting any fee for his service.

Dr.Bahuleyan was born into an 1800 year old lineage of healers who practiced a unique and immensely refined school of Ayurveda known as Dharma Ayurveda.

He was raised in rural Kerala by his renowned healer uncle who initiated him into the science.

After completing his formal medical education in Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, he devoted himself to the mastery of his ancient ancestral wisdom – a legacy of healing that includes amazing practices like one-touch healing (aroopika), marma chikitsa, single dose cures and pulse diagnosis.

He served Government of Kerala in the capacity of Specialist Sr.Medical Officer and was the driving force behind many established Ayurveda institutes and hospitals. He was also Director of Santhigiri Ashram and Advisor to Santhigiri Ayurveda that operate Ayurveda colleges and hospitals.

He established the now renowned Dharma Ayurveda in 1965 at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Today the Dharma Ayurveda instituitions are headed by his son Dr.Jayaprakash, the globally recognized Ayurveda doctor and healer who was initiated and personally trained in the science by his father.

Today Dharma Ayurveda is dedicated to healing suffering fellow beings from around the world and empowering them to find higher realms of positive health, happiness and abundance in all its forms.

In the tradition of Dharma healers, Dr.Jayaprakash’s service is, even today, offered free of cost.

Dr. Jayaprakash is an authority of Ayurveda and is also the author of two books that are the definitive literature on Ayurveda.

Doctor’s vest – book of Indian medicine

A comprehensive guide and practical prescriber for logical clinical intervention.

The Path of the Healers

A master piece on the art and science of healing. Also includes a section on the making of a healer. A healers interpretation of the basic theories and philosophies of Ayurveda are highly intuitive and enlightening.