Dharma Ayurveda Products

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Dharma Ayurveda’s range of Ayurvedic products includes formulations for both internal and external use. The range is named “Extracts of Life” because of the exclusive quality processes followed in their creation as written in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

Time tested for effectiveness.

Manufactured at the Dharma Ayurveda Medical Mission Complex in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, all products are created from recipes passed down through generations of healers of the Dharma family and have been time tested, proven and perfected over centuries for their unfailing effectiveness in their curative properties.

Quality Quantities

All Dharma’s products including the general formulations are prepared in very limited quantities ensuring both quality and precise quantities of all the ingredients as mentioned in the original texts. This is in direct contrast to the current trend of mass manufacturers who are faced with a shortage of genuine herbs and other ingredients and are forced to substitute them with inferior quality ingredients as poor substitutes.

Choosing the right herbs

Just as two humans differ in their individual characteristic traits in spite of belonging to the same Homo Sapiens species; one may be healthy while the other may be inflicted with a chronic disease. So it is with herbs too. While one basil plant can be healthy with high healing properties, the other can be unhealthy or sick. So it is essential that that the right herb be identified and then handpicked and is done only by experienced Dharma Ayurveda personnel, trained and skilled in this area.

Relevance of geographical location

The same herb that has grown in the hills differs vastly from another that has grown by the riverbank in the quality of their healing properties, as the percentage and concentration of the active ingredients will not be the same. Therefore, depending on the disease, a herb collected from the hills may prove effective, whereas in other conditions the herb picked from the riverbank may be preferred.

Growth patterns of herbs

It is essential that the relevant part of the herb as mentioned in the texts be used. Moreover, in certain instances, the texts specify that only the herb whose root that grows in the Northerly direction be used. Modern Research has now proven that though the active ingredient may be the same in the herb whose root grows towards the South, the molecules in both the herbs differ in their spatial rotation patterns – one rotates Leavo (to the left) while the other rotates Dextro (to the right).

Time of Collection

Certain herbs and flowers are to be collected only during a particular time of the month. As an example, there are herbs mentioned in the texts that they be collected only on full moon nights for full effectiveness.

Formulation Processes

All processes involved during the creation of formulations are still followed according to the original methods to ensure the correct “Paaka”. For example there are oils and preparations made without exposure to fire, and processed by keeping them under the sun for days or weeks together. There are also formulations which are not exposed to sunlight, wind or fire during the processing but left in sealed earthen pots underground for weeks, allowing them to be cooked only in the warmth of mother nature. Similarly, there is “Paaka”  for preparations processed using fire too. An overcooked preparation will end in the active ingredients being burnt and lost; whereas in an undercooked one, the end product having the best healing potential may not be attained.

The Healer’s touch

The preparation and processing stages of all formulations are done only under the personal supervision of the family healers and empowered with prayers so that they may of the best benefit to the fellow beings using them.

Source: Dr.Jayaprakash