DHARMA AYURVEDA is a highly refined school of Ayurveda practiced by the DHARMA family of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners whose ancestral lines in healing date back to a period of over 1800 years.

In addition to traditional Ayurvedic Practice, the DHARMA family were specialized in unique healing techniques like Aroopika Marma chikitsa, Nadi Chikitsa, Moolika chikitsa etc to mention a few . These techniques have brought about lasting cures over the years to people suffering from diseases like Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Migraine, Back pains, Obesity, Stroke, Diabetes and numerous other Neuromuscular conditions. At Dharma Ayurveda, the original procedures of treatment as well as the ancient healing recipes – which since centuries have served the royal family and cured many Portuguese, Dutch and other seafarers who arrived on Indian shores afflicted with painful diseases during their long voyages – are even today, strictly followed with devotion.

About Dharma Centre

Dharma Ayurveda brings their centuries-old wisdom, experience, and expertise of healing in a modern environment, yet firmly rooted in well done traditional healing for the best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, India. Complimenting ancient diagnostic methods with western medical investigations, conditions are evaluated in depth from both perspectives and comprehensive approach is planned to address every aspect of health. Our knowledge of the subject and medical professionals are here to help.

Dharma Ayurveda’s healing programs are definitive benchmarks in cures of varied ailments. They offer patients, embodied experience of therapies that transform the ailing body towards a healthy being. The programs explore and awaken the hidden potential of your own body, to initiate healing. As you endure the process of healing, limitless ways will unravel before you in your own consciousness, to enhance and experience a higher quality of health and life.

The Amazing Benefits

It has remained a mystery, how this ancient science could gather such know how to specifically diagnose and then address each and every aberration that occurs to human health and well being. Even today modern interpretations don’t satisfactorily explain how these methods affect physiological processes or what so ever impact they have on the emotional aspect of a patient, and how these procedures bring about such efficient cures even where conventional science is failing. And this has caused the science to remain a kind of mystery that doesn’t give in to the logic of modern science.

For this, India is famous worldwide. Our city has today become a Mecca for alternative meds. Patients from different parts of the world flocking to this state for a cure from their varied ailments. And among the most celebrated centers offering cures in Kerala, Dharma Ayurveda adorns a unique stature.