About The Ayurvedic Treatment

The oldest and perhaps the most scientific form of medical practice that existed in the world – had its origins in the Indian subcontinent over 5000 years ago. Down the centuries, the human race has gone through tremendous evolution in every field from social, cultural, religious, linguistics, behavior, science, and medicine to food habits and grooming. Many vistas have changed. However, the ancient science has survived the tests of time, and excelled through the turbulent times and retained its authority even in the face of foreign incursions and efforts to abolish.

Seeking A Quality Cure For Your Physical Ailments?

As always, even today, a very large percentage of Indians who are seeking quality cures for their physical ailments opt for this as their first choice. These include people from every stratum of life, the richest to the poor, the most educated scientists and doctors to laymen, celebrities and national leaders to the common public. And Ayurveda offers an almost dizzying array of therapies and cures which treats every condition that afflicts human beings. The ancient medical practice employs varied tools to achieve a lasting and often permanent cure. These may include healing formulations derived from the pharmacopeia of biomedicine, breathing techniques or asanas from yoga, spiritual healing through visualizations or meditations, therapies that profoundly influence the physical and biochemical processes that make up the living body and personalised diet and nutrition to hasten recovery and achieve great health, strength and well being.

About Dharma Centre

Dharma Ayurveda brings their centuries-old wisdom, experience, and expertise of healing in a modern environment, yet firmly rooted in well done traditional healing for the best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, India. Complimenting ancient diagnostic methods with western medical investigations, conditions are evaluated in depth from both perspectives and comprehensive approach is planned to address every aspect of health. Our knowledge of the subject and medical professionals are here to help.


Dharma Ayurveda’s healing programs are definitive benchmarks in cures of varied ailments. They offer patients, embodied experience of therapies that transform the ailing body towards a healthy being. The programs explore and awaken the hidden potential of your own body, to initiate healing. As you endure the process of healing, limitless ways will unravel before you in your own consciousness, to enhance and experience a higher quality of health and life.

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