Celery is a very popular salad plant, also used to flavor stews and sauces, which has been in cultivation since centuries in Asia and Europe.Celery was known to the Chinese since fifth century BC. And even before that Celery was widely in use in India especially for its healing properties. The herb is known in India as Ajwain or Ajmod. In Ayurveda, the roots and seeds of Celery were more commonly used than leaves in medicinal preparations. The word Celery was derived from latin, celeri meaning quick acting. Celery has a well balanced content of basic minerals, vitamins and nutrients besides high concentrations of plant hormones and essential oils that give celery its strong and characteristic aroma.


The essential oils in celery have a relaxing and tranquilising effect on the nervous system. The seeds relieve flatulence, is a safe anti spasmodic, and also has diuretic properties. Celery contains eight different families of anticancer compounds, such as phthalides and polyacetylenes that detoxify carcinogens, especially cigarette smoke.

A few Celery cures

Celery juice combined with carrot juice is beneficial in the treatment of neurological afflictions especially of degenerative nature. The alkaline properties of celery make it a very effective remedy in diseases arising from increased acidity and due to high toxin levels like gout, rheumatism etc. A fluid extract of seeds is more effective than the raw vegetable in this case. Celery is effective in lowering high blood pressure and has been used in Vietnam as a blood pressure remedy. Three to Four stalks of celery can be taken on a daily basis for its antihypertensive benefits. Celery is a very effective remedy for indigestion. Celery seeds [I tsp] soaked in a glass of buttermilk for 5 – 6 hrs should be then blended and taken to relieve indigestion. Celery juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey is very relaxing for the nerves and if taken at night facilitates restful sleep. Celery is also a valuable remedy for those prone to stone formation in kidney or gall bladder. Regular use of celery juice prevents the recurrent formation of stones.

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